Excellent photos and concise, easy-to-read text will be a great help to the amateur wildflower enthusiast. Wildflowers of Pigeon Mountain is the best wildflower book that focuses on the Chattanooga area. The brilliant color photos really bring the flowers to life. This book is a must for outdoor enthusiasts.

Kyle Waggener, Lead Naturalist
Chattanooga Nature Center


The excellent photographs in Wildflowers of Pigeon Mountain will help identify many of the flowering plants of Pigeon Mountain and the surrounding regions.

Dr. Gene Van Horn, Professor
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


Most wildflower books feature the common, showy plants. Jay Clark uses a different approach, based on his experiences in the wildflower habitats of northwest Georgia. Included in this well-illustrated volume with over 300 simple and clear descriptions are several more locally distributed plants which are given fair treatment as well.
The tri-state region where Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama meet has cedar glades, oak-pine uplands, sandstone
 outcroppings, cove hardwoods with knockout displays of spring wildflowers, seepy limestone flats, and springruns. A distinctive flora has evolved in the varied habitats of the Lookout Mountain Plateau and adjacent southern Appalachian valleys and ridges.
This makes the book a treasure trove for any natural history buff. In no other region will you find Snowwreath, Twinleaf, Cumberland Rose-gentian, Mountain Skullcap and at least six Trilliums growing on the same mountain. And with no other book can you so easily find their names.

Tom Patrick, State Botanist
Georgia Department of Natural Resources